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There are many things hidden underground, behind walls, or beneath the sea. In comics, super heroes find them using special powers. Some of these powers are not just fantasy.  In medicine, radiologists use imaging devices to detect things hidden inside people. In earth science and engineering, geophysicists use similar devices to see into the earth, behind walls, and below the sea.superheroradiologist

sidescanologistGeophysicists must choose an appropriate technique (method) based on the physical characteristics of the target (the thing being sought) and the surrounding matrix (the material under or in which it is hidden).  Thus, there are many geophysical techniques, each of which is appropriate for certain applications.  Selection of the proper geophysical technique is critical. Neither careful field procedure, advanced instrumentation, nor brilliant data processing can can rescue a geophysical survey doomed by improper technique selection.  Therefore, Enviroscan emphasizes technique selection as the critical first step in completing a successful survey.

Geophysics has often been referred to as “black box magic”.  Actually, it is founded in relatively simple physics, and is not magical at all.  We believe that any interested client should have ready access to simple explanations of our techniques to dispel any aura of magic or mystery.

The following pages provide information on the techniques in which Enviroscan specializes, and the myriad applications to which we have applied them.  The Principles page leads to a series of one-page descriptions of the basics of common techniques and applications (i.e. “how it works and what it’s good for”). The Techniques page leads to an interactive guide to which techniques are appropriate for a given application (and conversely, which applications might be appropriate for a given technique).  Finally, Our Gear leads to galleries of pictures of the field equipment (the “black boxes”) employed for various techniques.



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