Magnetic Field Intensity

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Acoustic Leak Detection

Aquifer/Aquitard Discrimination

Geoelectric Leak Detection

Bearing Capacity Estimation


Boring/Coring Location Clearance

Seismic Refraction: P-Wave

Buried Drum Detection

Seismic Reflection: P-Wave

Buried Waste Characterization

Seismic Refraction: S-Wave

Buried Weapon Detection

Seismic Reflection: S-Wave

Cave Detection And Mapping

Seismic Surface Wave Analysis

Clay Seam Detection And Mapping

Magnetic Susceptibility

Concrete Thickness Determination

Magnetic Field Intensity

Dam Seepage Detection And Mapping

Magnetic Field Vector

Dense Hydrocarbon Plume Delineation

Frequency Domain Electromagnetics (FDEM)

Depth-To-Rock Profiling

Time Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM)

Detection Of Disseminated Metals

Electrical Resistivity Imaging

Disposal Pit/trench Delineation

Electrical Resistivity Profiling

Fault And Fracture Delineation

Electrical Resistivity Sounding

Fill Thickness Measurement

Radio Frequency Electromagnetics (RFEM)

Firepit Detection

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Foundation Element Imaging

Spontaneous Potential (SP)

Grave Or Burial Detection

Induced Polarization (IP)

In-Situ Density Measurement

Metal Detection (MD)

Ionic Contaminant Plume Delineation


Landfill Or Lagoon Liner Leak Detection

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Light Hydrocarbon Plume Delineation

Vibration/Microseismic Monitoring

Metals Contamination Mapping

Very Low Frequency Electromagnetics (VLFEM)

Underground Mine Mapping

Earthquake Seismology

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Detection

Gas tracer Leak Detection

Permafrost Thickness Measurement

Pipeline Corrosion Studies

Pipeline Leak Detection

Seismic Damage Or Nuisance Evaluation

Radiation Contamination Mapping

Rebar, Conduit Or Cable Detection

Roadway Pavement Evaluation

Rippability Determination

Saltwater Intrusion Studies

Sand And Gravel Deposit Mapping

Seismic Hazard Determination

Septic System Detection

Sinkhole Hazard Determination

Stratigraphic Profiling Or Mapping

Subsidence Investigations

Uncontained Waste Mapping

UST Delineation

Utility Mapping

Void Detection

Water Table Mapping

Well, Privy, Or Vent Shaft Detection

Well Siting



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