Underground Utility Mapping



Underground utility maps are often wrong - if they exist at all. Sometimes utility pipes or cablesUrban Underground Infrastructure are relocated during repairs or renovations, but maps are not updated. Sometimes maps represent proposed plans that donít show as-built locations. Sometimes, old maps are simply lost or disintegrated.  People who fulfill their legal obligation to contact a central utility marking clearinghouse before digging or drilling may feel a false sense of security since lost or mis-mapped utilities generally will not be marked as a result of such a call. The result of digging or drilling in the presence of unknown, unmarked, unmapped, or incorrectly located utilities can be wasted excavation time (and money), expensive damage (more money), utility downtime (more money), and worst of all - personal injury or death.

Enviroscan uses state-of-the-art electromagnetic (EM),Utility Detection Equipment magnetic, sonic/acoustic, ground penetrating radar (GPR), live line detector, and robotic crawler techniques to detect, trace, and map buried utility lines. Multiple techniques are required in order to provide confident detection of metal, plastic, concrete, masonry, ceramic, and fiber optic pipes and cables.

Utilities are marked in the field using color-coded pavement paint and/or flagging. Occasionally, field markings are all that is required. However, Enviroscan is also capable of providing highly accurate surveying of markings using global positioning systems (GPS) or optical total stations.  The survey data is used to make utility maps or overlays for geographic information systems (GIS).Utility Map

Enviroscanís utility mapping experience ranges from small corner gas stations, through industrial plants and military installations, to entire towns, and involves every type and construction of pipe and cable - including utilities beneath buildings or other structures.




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