Borehole Diameter And Shape Measurement



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Natural Gamma (ng)

Formation Density Determination

Short Normal Resistivity

Formation Porosity Determination

Long Normal Resistivity

Sand Vs. Clay Layer Discrimination

Single Point Resistance (SPR)

Fracture Zone Identification

Spontaneous Potential (SP)

Fracture Zone Thickness And Dip Determination

Magnetic Susceptibility

Identification Of Water-Bearing Zones

Magnetic Field Vector

Measurement Of Low Flow Water Movement


Measurement Of High Flow Water Movement

Fluid Temperature

Detection Of Mineralization

Fluid Conductivity

Detection Of Iron-Bearing Zones

Electromagnetic Induction (Formation Conductivity)

Detection Of Metal-Bearing Zones


Cement Bond/Grout Evaluation

Full Waveform Sonic

Determination Of Screened Intervals

Digital Video

Location Of Casing Joints

Borehole Acoustic Televiewer (BHTV)

Location Of Bottom Of Casing

Borehole Optical Televiewer (OPTV)

Water Quality Evaluation

Heat Pulse Flowmeter

Borehole Orientation Measurement

Impeller Flowmeter

Borehole Diameter And Shape Measurement

Induced Polarization (IP)

Cavity Dimension Measurement

Borehole Gravity

Detection Of Bentonite Seals

Gamma Density (g-g)

Neutron Density


Dissolved Oxygen (O2)

Cavity Sonar

Cavity Ultrasound