Welcome to Enviroscan

Enviroscan, Inc. was recently purchased by RETTEW, an engineering consulting firm in Lancaster, PA. Enviroscan employees are now part of the Geophysics group at RETTEW, led by former Enviroscan President, Felicia Bechtel. The geophysics services previously provided by Enviroscan are now part of a larger service offering including civil, transportationenvironmental, and subsurface utility engineeringsite planning and designsurveyingsafety consulting; and design-build services.

Like Enviroscan, RETTEW has a longstanding tradition of providing excellent service, deep expertise, and an environment our clients and employees want to be part of. As an Enviroscan client, you can continue to expect the same level of service you have become accustomed to, and you will continue to work with the same people offering the same wide breadth of geophysics services you need.

For more information on the new Geophysics/Enviroscan group at RETTEW, please visit our website.

Enviroscan specializes exclusively in non-intrusive, non-destructive geophysics – detecting and mapping underground, underwater, or otherwise hidden targets. Geophysics is the Earth Science equivalent of medical radiology. Radiologists use non-invasive imaging to diagnose problems and make invasive surgery safer and easier. Geophysicists do similar imaging to make digging, drilling, or earthmoving safer, faster, easier, and cheaper by detecting subsurface features like utilities, sinkholes, drums, underground storage tanks, contaminant plumes, rock ridges, graves, etc.
Using geophysics in the early stages of any project saves time and money, and reduces danger and liability.



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