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Enviroscan, Inc. specializes exclusively in nonintrusive, nondestructive geophysics - the science of detecting and mapping underground, underwater, or otherwise hidden objects or features. Despite the fancy title, geophysics is really just the earth science equivalent of medical radiology. Just as radiologists use noninvasive techniques to diagnose internal problems and minimize (and make safer) invasive surgery, geophysicists can detect and delineate subsurface features to minimize (and make safer) intrusive digging or drilling.  Most importantly, geophysics can provide early warning of subsurface hazards such as buried utilities, sinkholes, drums, USTs, contaminant plumes, etc., - eliminating costly mid-project surprises.

Enviroscan's Headquarters in Lancaster, PAEnviroscan is a privately owned woman business enterprise (WBE) that is not owned in any part by any firm that does environmental or engineering work.  Our sole product is geophysical surveys - which we typically provide to clients worldwide who are geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, archaeologists, architects, attorneys, or just plain folks.

Enviroscan’s staff has a combined total of over 100 years of experience in engineering, environmental, and archaeological geophysics using electromagnetics (EM), ground penetrating radar (GPR), seismic refraction and reflection, microgravity, magnetics, sonar, borehole logging, metal detection, resistivity, utility location, and many other techniques.  All of our project managers have advanced degrees, and each staff member is required to attend annual continuing education courses. In addition, Enviroscan’s senior geophysicists, who are responsible for final approval of all work, are registered Professional Geologists (P.G.’s).Enviroscan Provides Geophysical Surveys Worldwide

 With our education, experience, and knack for creative problem-solving, Enviroscan has developed a reputation for successfully completing particularly difficult or unusual subsurface detection and mapping.

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